Monday, January 5, 2015

RUN TO ME / God Shows

This is the 4th of 7 devotions and music videos 
with the theme
"God's Love 4 Us"

Adopted from Romans 5:7, 8
If I have any doubt concerning God's love for me, I take another look at Calvary.  Calvary is where . . .

God shows and clearly proves His [own] love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) died for us.

Paul goes on to say that if God's love was extended to us for salvation, it is also extended to us for our everyday life.  The love that God showed and proved at Calvary is new every morning to extend forgivness and healing.  It is the moment by moment source of overcoming victoriously.  The love shown and proved, imparts to me the God kind of love,  the God kind of faith and the God kind of grace to overcome. 

Father, I stand in awe of the love you showed and proved at Calvary.  I believe and receive that love.  Now I will share Your love.  Love through me.

"My child, If you sin, do not let time go by.  Run to me immediately and humble yourself, seek my face, turn from your wicked ways.  I will hear you.  I will forgive you.  I will heal you.  Run to me! " 

© LoveWalkPublishing Authored by Kent Clifford Cooley

Devotion: Run To Me
(Romans 5:7, 8)
Now it is an extraordinary thing for one to give his life
Even for an upright man, though perhaps for a noble and loveable and generous
Benefactor someone might even dare to die
But God shows and clearly proves His own love for us, His love for us
That while we were yet sinners, while we were still in our sins
Christ, the Messiah, the anointed one died for us
© LoveWalkPublishing WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley
All Rights Reserved

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

THE SACRIFICE / ThankYouForGivingYourOnlySon

This is the third in a series of seven devotions 
with the theme
"God's Love For Us"

(Adapted from Genesis 22)

“Here I am, Father.”
“Take your son, Isaac and offer him as a burnt offering 
on the mountain that I tell you.”

Abraham obeyed. He made the journey to the mountain and took the wood for the burnt offering and laid it on his son’s shoulders. He took the firepot and a knife in his hands.

“Here I am, son.”
“I see the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt sacrifice?”
“Son, God will provide Himself, a lamb for the burnt offering.
When Abraham stretched forth his hand to slay his son for the sacrifice 
as God had asked of him, he heard God’s voice again, “Abraham, Abraham!”
“Here I am.”
“Do not lay your hand on the lad or do anything to him; 
for now I know whom you fear. 
You have not held back from Me or begrudged giving Me your son, your only son.”

Abraham glanced around and behind him was a ram caught in a thicket by his horns. He took the ram and offered it for a burnt offering instead of his son!

God tested and proved Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son. God was not asking Abraham to do something that He would not do Himself. God gave His only Son. Once God knew that Abraham was willing, the test was over. He did not require Abraham to go through with the sacrifice. He just wanted to know that Abraham would.
Lord, Abraham was willing to give all to you, even his most precious possession. Am I willing to obey like Abraham? Am I willing to give my most precious possession? I want the answer to be yes, Lord. I say yes, Lord. Thank you for giving Your Son, Your only son for me.
© LoveWalkPublishing
Devotion Authored by Rebecca Cooley

(Adapted from Genesis 22)
I see the wood
I see the fire but where is the Lamb
God will provide Himself a lamb for a sacrifice
Thank you for giving Your only Son,
Your only Son for me
Upon the mountain it was seen,
What You did for me, what You did for me
Jehovah Jirah, God will provide
On the mountain it shall be seen
© LoveWalkMusic
WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley

Friday, January 2, 2015


This is the second of seven devotions
with the theme
"God's Love for Us"

(Adapted from 2 Corinthians 6:6-7)

During my teenage years, there was a mother figure in my life, a very influential lady. Years later, I heard that she had gone through a divorce and her life had taken some wrong turns because of some misguided decisions. I visited her and I remember thanking her for the good influence she had been on my young life. I remember saying, “I just wanted you to know that I love you the same now as before.”

Paul calls this unfeigned love. Unfeigned love is unconditional love. It is love unaffected by anything. This is the kind of love that Jesus has for us. His love is unaffected by anything we do. His love is unconditional.

Lord, thank You for Your unconditional love. Thank you that when I mess up, You still love me and Your love calls me to repentance and restoration. Lord, I want to express this kind of love to others. Forgive me for judging. Forgive me for criticizing. Forgive me for putting conditions on my love. I embrace the fullness of Your love today and I will walk in it.

© LoveWalkPublishing authored by KentCliffordCooley

Devotion: Unfeigned Love
(Adapted from 2 Corinthians 6:6-7)
Verse 1:
Why did He go to Calvary?
Why was His life’s blood shed for me?
Why did He suffer as no man had ever done?
There’s just one reason, I am the one.
He loves me, He loves me, Jesus loves me (repeat)
Verse 2:
When I am sad He loves me
There have even been times when I have been bad
But He still loved me
And when it seems like there is not a friend around who cares for me
That’s when I get down on my prayer bones
And I have a talk with Jesus
I find out that He still loves me

© Word And Music by George Webster (Arrangement by KentCooley)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

NEW BEGINNINGS / Beginning Now

Happy New Year!
This is the first of 365 devotions and music videos 
to help the believer 
to get rooted and grounded in love.  
We are beginning this year with
the first of seven devotions
with the theme
"God's Love For Us"
Log on everyday this week
and get rooted and grounded
in a greater awareness of
God's love for you.

(Lamentations 3:22-23; 1John 1:9; Phil 3:9; 2Cor 5:17; Psalms 100:4)
New Years Day seems to offer us new beginnings, fresh opportunities to make changes in our lives and to turn over a new leaf, so to speak. It is a time for New Year’s resolutions.
Christ offers us a new beginning in Him every day.

Your compassions fail not.
They are new every morning.
Great is Your faithfulness.

We have a new beginning in Christ through repentance. However, if I am in denial, repentance is not possible.

But if we confess our sins
He is faithful and just to forgive us
and to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

Father, I have confessed my sins knowing that You are faithful and just to forgive me and and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. As a result, I am now the righteousness of God in Christ. I am a new creature in you. Old things have passed away and behold all things are new. Now I enter Your gates with thanksgiving and proceed into Your courts with praise. It is so good to know that I can have a new beginning in You any day including today - New Years Day 2015, because of Your love for me.

©LoveWalkPublishing Authored by KentCliffordCooley

Beginning Now
Devotion: New Beginnings
(Lamentations 3:22-23; 1John 1:9; Phil 3:9; 2Cor 5:17; Psalms 100:4)
Verse 1
Beginning now, I don’t have to wait
Beginning now I’ll enter heavens gates with thanksgiving in my heart
Today I will start and I’ll enter His quarts with praise
Beginning now my hands I wanna raise
Beginning now I’ll give You all the praise
Beginning now I’m gonna bless your holy name
Beginning now I worship You through all eternity
Verse 2
Eternity begins today
Eternity is not so far away
For we sit in heavenly places with You Lord
And where You are is where we want to be
©LoveWalkMusic WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley Devotion by KentCliffordCooley

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

MARY / Mary

This is the first of 4 recitations by Rebecca
And 4 songs by Kent
that focus on the birth of Jesus.
We entitle this 4 part series
"The First Steps Of The Messiah"
This week we are featuring the first of this 4 part series
the story of Mary

“Oh favored one endued with grace!
The Lord is with you!
You are blessed and favored of God
before all other women!”
Mary sat up in bed and looked right into the eyes of an angel! “Oh Lord help me! What must this mean? What is the meaning of this salutation?!”
“Do not be afraid, Mary!
You have found grace and absolute favor with God!
And listen, Mary, you will become pregnant and give birth to a Son.
You will call His name Jesus.
He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High!
The Lord God will give to Him the throne of His forefather David.
He will reign over the house of Jacob throughout the ages.
There will be no end to His reign!”
“How can this happen? I have no husband and I am a virgin.”
“O, Mary, the Holy Spirit will come upon you!
And the power of the Most High will overshadow you!
The baby which shall be born of you will be called the Son of God!
And listen Mary, Elizabeth, in her old age, has conceived a son!
Her womb was barren but she is now in her sixth month!
With God all things are possible!”
“Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord. Be it unto me according to your words.”
When the angel left, Mary sat overwhelmed. After gathering her thoughts, do you think she may have worshiped her Father?
“My Lord and my God!
You are the God of my fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!
You are the God of all creation!
My soul magnifies You!
My eyes are set upon You!
Your name is like perfume poured out!
How beautiful is Your love!
My fingers drip with myrrh as You leave my presence!

A seal has been set upon my heart, a very flame from Your Presence!
Many waters cannot quench this flame!
There is not a flood that can put out this fire!
I am Your handmaiden!
I celebrate Your Presence on me!”
Mary was the most favored woman on the face of the earth. She was chosen above all women to be the mother of the Savior of the world. Was Mary chosen because she kept a list of rules to the letter? Was she chosen because she was kind and gentle? Was she chosen because she was a virgin? These qualities alone would not have brought Mary the preference of such a highly favored position with God. She was all of these things. But Mary was set apart because she had a deep and passionate love for her God. She walked in close and secure companion with her Heavenly Father daily. This love walk and passion for her God under girded her righteousness and brought the highest of favor from heaven.
Father, I want to be celebrated in heaven like Mary was. I want to be highly favored because of my love for You and my love for others. I choose to walk in love. Righteousness alone is not enough to secure Your favor. I will seek Your Presence as I walk it out in love today.
All Right Reserved

(Adapted from Luke 1:26- 38; Excerpts from Solomon)
Verse 1:
Hail favored one, endued with grace
The Lord is with you; The Lord is with you
Hail O favored one, endued with grace
The Lord is with you; The Lord is with you
Blessed, favored of God are you Repeat 3 times
Verse 2:
Do not be afraid Mary for you have found grace
Absolute favor with God
Verse 3:
Listen Mary, you will be with child
Of the Holy Ghost; Of the Holy Ghost
And you shall call His name Jesus Repeat 2 times
For He will save His people from their sins
© LoveWalkPublishing WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley
All Right Reserved


This is the second of 4 recitations by Rebecca
And 4 songs by Kent
that focus on the birth of Jesus.
We entitle this 4 part series
"The First Steps Of The Messiah"
This week we are featuring the second of this 4 part series
the story of Elizabeth

(Adapted from Luke 1:39-45)
“For with God nothing is impossible!” The words of the angel resonated over and over in Mary’s mind as she readied herself to go to Elizabeth’s home in Judah.
Several times in Scripture, it refers to Mary as having “pondered in her heart.” I wonder what her heart was thinking when she was on her way to Judah?
“I must see Elizabeth! Elizabeth is pregnant! What a wonderful gift and miracle from God! This all fits together somehow. I feel such an urgency to get to her. . . .”

When Elizabeth opens the door and Mary salutes her, Elizabeth’s baby leaps inside of her womb! Elizabeth is overcome by the Holy Spirit and cries out! She exclaims,
“Mary, you are blessed above all women! And blessed is the fruit of your womb! 

What an honor that the mother of my Lord would come to see me! As soon as your salutation reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy! And Mary, you are so favored of God because you believe what has been spoken to you by the Lord!”
Mary’s visit lasted three months. Do you think God used this time to bond these two mothers and their babies? Do you think God revealed hidden secrets and mysteries to these two mothers? Do you think He gave them revelation of His purpose? The destinies of these two babies were divinely set in time and eternity even in the womb. Could God have given these two mothers insight into the magnitude of what had taken place? Many prophetic words were probably spoken. Dreams and visions must have been talked about and pondered over. Scripture must have been read and revelation revealed. Could their parting words have been something like this?

“I will pray for you Mary. God will watch over His seed. You hold God’s promise inside of you. Don’t be anxious for nothing. God will provide all that you need.”
“I will pray for you Elizabeth. Our babies are destined for greatness. God knows His plans for us all. God has a reason for your baby to be born first. God’s perfect will is his destiny. He will be a forerunner and a trailblaizer for God’s purposes.”

Father, I was born to worship You. Your perfect will and plan is my destiny and I will accomplish that destiny as I put you first in my life and worship You. You are my whole world! You are my life! You hold my future in Your hands! I want to be a trailblaizer for the Kingdom of God!
Recitation authored by RebeccaAnnCooley
All Right Reserved

(Adapted from Luke 1:39-45)
Verse 1:
I know my plans for you
Plans to prosper you
Plans to give you hope
Plans to give you a future
I know my plans for you
My destiny
Your plans for me
The reason I was born
Your perfect will
Your plans they are my destiny
Your plans for me
The reason I was born
Your perfect will
Your plans they are my destiny
Verse 2:
I live each moment out
With one other moment in mind
When I stand before You
To hear you say
Well done my good and faithful servant
Enter into the joys of your Lord
Like Paul of old
At the end of the way
I too would like to say
I fought a good fight
I kept the faith
A crown of life awaits
WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley
All Right Reserved


This is the 3rd and 4th parts of a 4 part series
"The First Steps Of The Messiah"
telling the stories of
Simeon And Anna

Song: Cherish the Moment
(Adapted from Luke 2:22-39; Phil. 2:10; Isaiah 45:2, 18; 54:5; 55:12; 59:20)
Today was not like other days. Simeon knew when he awoke that he was to go to the temple. This was not his regular day to go but he felt drawn there this morning. Something had been stirring in him lately. As he readied himself to leave he may have been thinking . . .
“I love you Father.
You are the Lord and there is no one else!
You are the one who created the heavens!
You are the one who formed the earth and made it!
You did not call my descendants to seek you for nothing!
You promised us a reward!
I know we are one day closer to the Consolation of Israel!
I know a Redeemer is coming!
He will turn my people from their transgressions!
Oh, see the travail of my soul Father!
Send the Righteous One to take away the guilt of my people!
He will make the crooked places straight!
Even the mountains and the hills are breaking forth now into singing!
All the trees of the field are clapping their hands!
I know the Messiah is coming!
The Holy One of Israel is coming!”
Simeon went to the temple anticipating meeting with God there. Immediately upon entering the gates his eyes felt upon a family of three. He looked at the baby in the mother’s arms and he knew this was the One for whom he had prayed. Simeon approached the mother with open arms. Mary must have felt the power of the Holy Spirit on this man because she placed her infant son in his hands.
Did she sense that this humble man had paved the way
for the conception and the birth of the Messiah?
Simeon held the baby and praised and thanked God for this holy moment in time.
“Sovereign Lord,
You can now release your servant to depart this world.
As you have promised,
I have seen your salvation with my own eyes!
Now it is out in the open for all to see!
He is the Light to reveal You to the nations!
And He is the glory and honor of your people Israel!”

Turning to Mary, Simeon blessed her and said,
“Behold, this Child is appointed and destined
for the fall of many in Israel.
But He will be a joy to many others.
He will be a sanctuary, a sacred and indestructible asylum
to those who reverently fear and trust God.
He is a figure who will be misunderstood and contradicted.
He will be a Stone of stumbling and a Rock of offense to both houses of Israel.
He will be a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
He has been sent as a sign from God but many will oppose him.
As a result the deepest thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.
You, Mary, will feel the pain of this like a sword piercing your own soul.
But know that secret thoughts and purposes of many hearts will be disclosed.”
Could he have looked into Mary’s eyes and said this before he left that day?
“It will be worth it Mary.
The pain will be worth it all because
He is the Gift of Salvation for the entire world!
At His Name
every knee will bow
in heaven and on earth
and even under the earth!
And Mary, every tongue is going to confess
that Yashuah the Messiah,
this baby you hold in your arms,
is Lord
for the glory of God the Father!”
Father, I pray for Simeons to rise up in this day. I ask You for men and women who will stand in righteousness and integrity before You as Simeons of their time. I ask for men, women and children who will walk out love and not be ashamed. Filter Simeons throughout this earth who will stand for what is right and good and tell people that the Messiah has come and that He is coming again! Anoint me with the mantle of Simeon and allow me to be a part of your plan to defeat the enemy and usher in the glorious second coming of the Messiah!
© LoveWalkPublishing
Devotion / Recitation authored by RebeccaAnnCooley
All Right Reserved
Song: Cherish the Moment
(Adapted from Luke 2:22-39)
Anna awakens earlier this morning, just before dawn. There is an unusual stirring in her spirit, an anticipation that she has never felt before. As she lay in bed her thoughts scan her 110 years. She thinks about her marriage so many years ago and the death of her husband. She remembers coming to this temple 84 years ago. . . .
“Eighty four years! My, how God has time in His hands! All these years I have lived in this temple and fasted and prayed and it seems not like a lifetime at all! I must get to the temple this morning. I must get before the Lord and see what this stirring in my spirit is . . .”
In the temple Anna finds her favorite spot where she spends much of her time in prayer and worship. But today is different. Anna is watching the people as they come and go. She is more aware of the people entering the temple today. . . .
“Oh, there is Simeon! I love it when Simeon comes to the temple. I believe I will go over and speak to him this morning. . . .”
As Anna moves toward Simeon, a family enters the temple doors and Simeon is drawn to them. Anna slows her steps and watches as this holy moment unfolds.
“Oh, my, my, my . . . You are the holy family from God. You are the ones I have been expecting all these years. May I hold the holy baby?”
Simeon takes the baby in his arms, holds him up to God and says, “Sovereign Lord you are now releasing me to depart this world in peace. As you have promised, with my own eyes I have seen your salvation which you have prepared for all people! He is a light to reveal You to the nations, and He is the glory and honor of your people Israel!”
Anna could not contain herself any longer. She ran to Simeon praising and worshiping God. She bowed before the baby and thanked God for allowing her to spend her life praying for this moment.”
“It is the Messiah! I have seen the Messiah! It is the Holy Child! He is the hope of Israel! He is the one for whom I have fasted! I cherish this moment today.”
Father, Anna walked in love for an entire lifetime. You used her love walk in Your strategy to give the Messiah to the world. As I walk out my life in love, would you use me in your divine plan to usher Him in again?
© LoveWalkPublishing
Devotion / Recitation authored by RebeccaAnnCooley
All Right Reserved
Devotions: Anna
(Adapted from Luke 2:22-39)
Cherish the moment, O what a moment, one for which I’ve waited and I’ve prayed
Cherish the moment, O what a moment, one for which I’ve waited and I’ve prayed
Yesterday’s gone
And we don’t have the promise of tomorrow, tomorrow
But I have this moment, yes, I have this moment
I cherish this moment today
I’ve seen the Messiah
I’ve seen the Messiah
The Hope of Israel, the Hope of Israel, the Hope of Israel
I cherish this moment today
© LoveWalkPublishing
Words&Music by KentCliffordCooley
All Right Reserved