Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This is the 7th of 7 devotions with the theme of
“Divine Healing”

(Adapted from Ezekiel 16:6; Luke 8:43-44)

It was summer of 1997 and I had just recovered from a miscarriage. My body and my emotions were healing from the trauma of losing a baby. We desperately wanted a child but my body was sending us the message that it was not possible. One afternoon I began to bleed uncontrollably. I felt like I was hemorrhaging and fear gripped my mind like a vice.

I have never seen Kent anxious or worried over anything and this situation was no different. He looked up a scripture he had heard before and spoke it over me. He touched my tummy and spoke the Word of the Living God. He commanded the bleeding to stop and for my body to normalize.

And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood,
I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live!
Yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live!

Hearing the Word, the fear lifted and almost immediately the bleeding stopped.
We were reminded of the woman in scripture who had suffered from a flow of blood. This woman bled for twelve years! She went to more than one physician but no one was able to help her. But she heard that Jesus was in town and she made her way to him.

She came up behind Jesus and touched the fringe of His garment,
and immediately her flow of blood ceased.

Two thousand years ago, this woman had to seek Jesus out and reach out and physically touch Him. I am sure that she didn’t feel like pushing through a crowd toward Jesus. But she knew if she could touch him, he could make her bleeding stop.

That summer afternoon we reached out by faith and touched the fringe of His garment. The woman with the issue of blood touched the Word and was made whole. When we spoke the Word, I was made whole.

Father, thank you for directing us to Your Word that day 16 years ago, to receive help and healing in a time of trouble. It is my desire to take every issue, every challenge, every obstacle to Your throne of grace and speak the Living Word over it and receive whatever I need. Thank you for the power of Your Word.

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(Adapted from Ezekiel 16:6; Luke 8:43-44; Romans 5:8)
Verse 1
When I saw you polluted in your own blood I said to you “Live!”
I said to you, “Live!” (3X)
But God so rich in mercy because of His great love
The love with which he loved us while we were yet sinners
While we were still in our sins Christ died for us (3X)

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WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley
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This is the impartation devotion.  
Father, as I stand praying, 
I forgive everyone and I receive everything you have for me.  
By the stripes of Your son, Jesus, I am healed.  
I receive my healing now! In Jesus name

JESUS HEALS A SON / LoveSpeaksLife

This is the 5th of 7 devotions with the theme of
“Divine Healing”

(Adapted from John 4:43-54)

Jesus returns to Cana where He had turned water to wine. The people eagerly greet Him, not because of who He is but because they were impressed with what they had seen. They really do not have a clue about who He really is or what he is up to. A very prominent man, a royal official, approaches needing something from Jesus. “Jesus, Jesus! I beg you, come and heal my son! My son is at the point of death!” “Will you not believe in me unless you see signs and miracles?” “Sir, do come down at once before my child dies!” “Go back home. Your son will live.”

The man trusts Jesus’ words, turns and heads toward home. At the exact same time, his servant starts toward Cana. He has news his master needs to hear. . . “Your son lives!” “What time did his fever break!” “Yesterday about 1:00 in the afternoon!”

The father knew that Love had spoken life over his son. The words of Jesus may have come back to his mind and his thoughts may have been . . .“That man’s very words gave life to my son! I have received a miracle but it feels more profound than a miracle. I feel a depth of love that I have never felt. He healed my son because He is Love! I have been in the presence of the Messiah!”

Signs and miracles will pass away. I could see a miracle today and it fade from my memory tomorrow. I have experienced God moving and changing a situation. I have seen miracles. But I can’t name them. I have forgotten most of them. But I do not forget Love’s life giving words over me! I put my faith and trust in Jesus because of love. Love does not fade away. Faith comes from love. Faith is not dependent on signs. Faith depends on love. Love speaks life everywhere it goes.

Lord, Your Word speaks life over me. I embrace the love that flows from Your life words. My faith is based on my relationship with you, not what you can do for me. I am connected to Life and Love today. I will speak life giving words to everyone I meet today because I am the recipient of Your Love and life giving words!
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(Adapted from John 4:43-54)
Go in peace, your son will live, the man put his trust in what Love said
Go in peace, your son will live, the man put his trust in what Love said
Chorus 1:
Love speaks life everywhere love goes
Love speaks life to everyone love knows
Love speaks life to everyone love meets
Love speaks life to everyone love greets
Love speaks life, Love speaks life, Love speaks life
Chorus 2:
Life giving words, everywhere I go
Life giving words, to everyone I know
Life giving words, to everyone I meet
Life giving words, to everyone I greet
Love speaks life, Love speaks life, Love speaks life
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A BLIND MAN / Expressions Of His Love

This is the 4th of 7 devotions with the theme of

"Divine Healing"

(Adapted from John 9:1-7)

Jesus and his disciples were walking along and they noticed a blind man on the side of the way. The disciples asked him, “Rabbi who sinned, this man or his parents, that he should be born blind?”

“It was not that this man or his parents sinned, but he was born blind in order that the workings of God should be manifested in him.”

Jesus then spat on the ground and made mud with his saliva and spread the mud over the man’s eyes. “Go wash in the Pool of Siloam.”

The man went to the pool and washed and received his sight.

What do you need from God today? Are you facing a sickness that has paralyzed you or blinded you? Do you know someone with challenges in their body that human knowledge and medical wisdom has not been able to touch?

This blind man received his sight as a praise to God. It was an opportunity for God to be glorified. Our physical challenges are opportunities for God to be glorified through His Son.

God doesn’t want to be begged. God wants to extend grace to us. And He wants to express His love to us. Our healing is a praise to God. When we put that into perspective, we are walking in the expression of God’s love. It is the love walk of the Messiah to heal us.

Father, I take John 9:3 as a kingdom principal in my life. When I need healing, the first words I will speak upon awakening in the morning, will be,

“My healing is a praise to You!
I praise You by being healed in my body.
Your healing power is working in me now.
By Your stripes I am healed!”

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(Adapted from John 9:1-7)

Verse 1:

Old blind beggar
Go and wash thy eyes
The pool of Siloam
Victory lies
You know I guess
He was glad that day
When Jesus passed his way
The Lord said, go and tell no one
Of the things that I have done
It’s just something I can do
To express my love to you


An expression of His love
He bore a rugged tree
An expression of His love
He died for you and me
Rose again, ascended away
Said I’m coming back someday
And He sends healing from above
An expression of His love

Verse 2:

Five thousand, they were there that day
To learn of Jesus and His ways
You know I guess that they all knew
What this Jesus love can do
Oh just five little loaves of bread
O what a multitude He fed
They said Jesus be our king
That wasn’t the reason why
He did all those things

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Sunday, November 16, 2014


This is the 3rd in a series of 7 devotions with the theme of
“Divine Healing”

(Adapted from Matthew 8:2; Luke 19:41-43)

When Jesus walked on the earth, the lepers and the blind called out to him and he healed them. Jesus still lives and is at the Father’s right hand making intercession for us, talking to our Father about us! How much more will he heal us now as intercessor beside his Father? I encourage you to believe the love that is able and available to heal you. I encourage you to believe that he wants to heal you more than you want to be healed. If you will give him a legal right by believing, he will heal you.

Lord, how can I believe? Help my unbelief! Help me to receive Your love and Your healing power.

Child, what do you want me to do for you? Receive whatever you need from me. Your faith and your trust in me will work effectively in your heart. I want to heal you and as you walk with me, you will develop confidence that this is so. Walk closely with me and receive all that you need and then bless others.

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(Adapted from Matthew 8:2; Luke 19:41-43)
Verse 1
I heard about this man
Who opens blinded eyes and they can see
And here I stand before Him,
I can’t see, but I can speak, so I say
I know that You can heal me, if You will,
And I wait
To hear these words fall upon my ear
Like the sweetest chime
I want to, I will,
I know that You can heal me if You will,
He said, “I want to, I will”
I know that You can heal me,
I know that You can heal me, I want to, I will
Bridge 1
As long as I live, through all eternity,
I will never forget the words I spoke to Him,
And the words He spoke to me,
Playing over and over again in my head
Bridge 2
And if you doubt that it’s true,
Remember the stripes
That He bore for me and you
His actions spoke louder than words,
Falling on your ear, like the sweetest chime
© LoveWalkMusic WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This is the 2nd in a series of 7 devotions with the theme of
“Divine Healing”

(Adapted from Job 42:10; Ephesians 6:8)

The story of Job is probably the oldest key in the Bible to divine healing. His life seemed to be a disaster until the day he prayed for his friends. That day was a turning point in his life. If Job’s mind had been on himself, he would have missed the opportunity for the greatest blessing of his life. He was healed physically, emotionally and mentally because he concerned himself with the needs of others. The fate of others was more important to him than his own fate. You can read the end of Job to see how his attitude moved the heart of God. Job received double blessings for his troubles. He passed the test.

If it is healing that you need, find someone that needs healing and pray for them. If it is deliverance from a certain bondage that you need, look for someone who needs to be freed from the grips of the enemy and pray for them. If it is money or something tangible that you need, sow a tangible seed into someone’s life and then God will have a legal right to supply all your need.

Every good deed that a man does, the Lord will do the same for him.

Father, thank you for recording this old, old account of Job’s life. I believe that I can pattern my attitude after this ancient man’s attitude who passed every test. I can get the same results that he had – double for my trouble.

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Devotion: The Selflessness Key to Divine Healing
(Adapted from Job 42:10; Ephesians 6:8)
Satan had some plans / But when Job prayed for his friends,
God turn it around for Job
And he got the double for his trouble, And he got the double for his trouble
Satan has some plans / But when you pray for your friends,
God will turn it around for you
And you’ll get the double for your trouble,
And you’ll get the double for your trouble
Love conquers all / So it’s time I get my mind off of myself
Love conquers all / So I’ll do something for somebody else
I will do something for somebody else
I will pray for my friends / I will pray for my enemies /
I will bless those who despitefully use
And Lord You will turn it around for me /
Lord You will turn it around for me
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Sunday, October 19, 2014


This is the 1st in a series of 7 devotions with the theme of
“Divine Healing”

(Adapted from Isaiah 58)
There is a connection between forgiveness and healing. We know that God is sovereign and his thoughts are superior to any reasoning that we may have about healing. In other words, God can heal whom He pleases, when He pleases. But are there sometimes conditions to healing? We all know people who are healed that do not seem to meet any criteria whatsoever. And we also know those who seem to have the faith to believe and yet fall short of a complete healing.
When I am in need of the healing power of God to transform the cells in my body and cause them to be aware of the blood of Jesus and respond to the authority of the cross and there seems to be something hindering that process, I can go to Isaiah 58. This Scripture serves as a check list for healing:

  • Free those who are wrongly imprisoned
  • Lighten the burden of those who work for you
  • Let the oppressed go free
  • Break every enslaving yoke and remove the chains that bind people
  • Share your food with the hungry
  • Provide shelter for the homeless
  • Give clothes to those who need them
  • Do not hide yourself from relatives who need your help
  • Stop pointing the finger of blame at others
  • Help those people who are in trouble

Isaiah said if I meet these criteria, restoration will come. If I can get my mind off of me and concern myself with this list, my light will break forth like the morning. My wounds will heal quickly and I will be led forward with the glory of God as my rear guard. The Lord will quickly answer my call and restore my strength.

It is important to understand that we do not earn healing by checking off these things. Jesus did pay a precious price for our healing. But there is a cycle of grace. We do not have faith because we have works but we have works as a result of faith. It is important that we extend to other the same grace which we have received. The forgiveness we have received is unmerited and we extend unmerited forgiveness to others and the cycle of grace continues. We receive from God and we give to others. Isaiah’s checklist helps us continue the cycle of grace.

Father, I continue in the cycle of Your grace. I make a decision today to pay attention to the checklist in Isaiah. And I thank you for the benefits of making your agenda my own.

(Adapted from Isaiah 58)
Loose the bonds of wickedness
Undo the bands of the yoke
Let the oppressed go free
Break every enslaving yoke
Divide your bread with the hungry
Bring the homeless poor into your house
When you see the naked, cover them,
Hide not yourselves from your needy relatives
Then your light break forth like the morning, like the morning
Then your healing, your restoration shall spring forth speedily
Your justice and right standing with God shall go before you,
Shall go before you
Conducting you to peace and prosperity
And the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


This is the 7th in a series of 7 devotions with the theme

(Adapted from James 5:16; Mark 11:25)

I declare the windows of heaven are open over my family! The blessings of God come to us daily in measures we cannot contain! We receive daily from God!

How can I make these bold statements? I have permission to declare the Word of God and believe for manifestations of His Word when I walk in His precepts. This includes forgiving on a daily basis – an hourly basis – forgiving and walking in an attitude of forgiveness constantly.

I have observed someone standing for healing. The healing is essential for preservation of life. She reads the Word and confesses healing scriptures. She reads all the right books and comes into agreement with those who believe. She speaks positively over herself and does not speak doubt or unbelief. She is doing everything right but healing has not manifested.

I wonder if this believer would examine her life, would she find little unforgivenesses that hinder her belief system? I know I have to forgive constantly. If I talk about an inconvenience, an aggravation or an offense after the fact, I am instilling unforgiveness and giving it a root to take hold in my life. I challenge you to speak over the thought of unforgiveness that comes up today, whether it be recent or something from the past and declare forgiveness over it.

If the hairdresser is running late and you have to wait, don’t complain. Speak forgiveness over her. If the clerk at the convenience store won’t take your debit card because your purchase was not over $5.00, don’t get mad at her. Forgive her and her boss and the person who made that policy. If a Jehovah Witness knocks on your door, don’t slam the door in his face. Don’t get mad at him for having a different idea of eternity than you. Don’t discuss his unbelief with others. Forgive him for being misled and pray that God will cross his path.

Father, I forgive and I let offenses drop today. I leave these and let them go. I forgive major mountainous offenses and I walk in forgiveness for little daily aggravations today. I walk in this mindset every minute of the day. I declare that the windows of heaven are open over my family and blessings are pouring out on us! I forgive and I am healed. I forgive, the windows of heaven are open.
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(Adapted from James 5:16; Mark 11:25)
The process of humility, the process of humility
I forgive, I am forgiven, I forgive and I am healed
Forgiveness is in the atonement, healing is in the atonement too (repeat)
I receive everything you have for me, I forgive,
The windows of heaven are open . . .
© LoveWalkMusic WordsAndMusic by KentCliffordCooley